Lowongan Kerja Terbaru Desember 2010

. 8/4/10 .

Lowongan Kerja di Sejati Stationery. Co
Lowongan Kerja Terbaru Desember 2011
Sejati Stationery Co.. established since 1976, engaged in stationery and office machines with a national distribution network in Indonesia. As companies grow, we seek partners who will work together with us to reach our vision and mission as a provider of stationery and office machines trusted in Indonesia.

Vacancy for :
1. Sales Executive (Code: SE)
2. Direct Market Coordinator (Code: DMC)
3. Modern Market Checker (Code: MMC)
4. Modern Market Executive (Code: MME)
5. Telemarketing/Administration (Code: TA)
6. Brand Executive (Code: BE)
7. Programmer (Code: IT)

General Qualifications:
  1. Minimum high school education
  2. Have the interpersonal skills and good integrity (honest, positive and berfikirian berfikiran forward)
  3. Strong analysis, collaboration, planning and good organization
  4. Having good communication skills
  5. Located in Jakarta Raya
  6. Have little ability to communicate in Mandarin

Special qualifications for the SE:
  1. Male,Experienced in the field of sales distribution, particularly in the retail consumer goods
  2. Having their own vehicle + SIM
  3. Like the challenge of working in the field
Special qualifications for the DMC, MMC, MME, BE:
  1. Laki-Laki/Wanita
  2. Experienced in the field of sales distribution, particularly in modern retail and consumer goods market
  3. Having the ability to analyze each problem and be able to decide the best way out
  4. Having lots of ideas for the development of a brand and its distribution
Special qualifications for TA:
  1. Laki-Laki/Wanita
  2. Having the ability to communicate on the phone with both
  3. Experienced in the field of sales distribution, particularly in modern retail and consumer goods market
Special qualifications for IT:
  1. Laki-Laki/Wanita
  2. Experienced in the IT field, especially in the field of programming
  3. Mastering Office, PHP, JAVA, SQL, HTML, Photoshop, Networking Protocol, Basic Knowledge Networking Hardware

Lokasi Kerja di : Jakarta

Alamat :
Jl. Tiang Bendera 5 No. 2A
Jakarta Kota 11230
Tlpn : +6221 - 6915776

Aplikasi, CV dan Foto dikirimkan ke email qing2.lee@gmail.com dengan menyertakan CODE sebagai subject-nya. (Contoh: Subject: Code:SE)

Khusus untuk IT, mohon juga menyertakan hasil program yang pernah anda buat (hanya kerangka saja, tidak perlu dengan isi program)

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