Lowongan Kerja Tentor di Quantum Kids Primagama September 2010

. 7/17/10 .

Lowongan Kerja Tentor di Quantum Kids Primagama 2010

Special Mathematics Course lessons of elementary school children, Fun Learning Math

A. Teacher of Mathematics (TM)
B. Assistant Branch Manager (ABM)
C. Customer Service (CS)

A. Teacher of Mathematics (TM)

  1. Love the world of education, especially for children
  2. Will guide the level of mathematics for children in elementary school (SD)
  3. Student / student looking attractive, at least three semesters (all the majors, math FKIP preferred)
  4. Willing to work part-time (partime-job) training will be held to equalize teaching styles and methods of understanding QuantumTrick
B. Assistant Branch Manager (ABM)
  1. Women, looking attractive, sociable and friendly
  2. Min D3 or S1 degree (all majors)
  3. The world loves children, interested in the development of the company, pleased to meet more people, and glad to build a network for the company.
  4. preferably with experience in marketing / MLM and Organizations
  5. never held a variety of events, seminars. Age range: 21-26 years (full-time job)
C. Customer Service (CS)
  1. Women, Education High School or equivalent minimallulusan
  2. The world loves children and is interested in the development of the company (full-time job)
  3. friendly, sociable, interesting-looking
Send your cover letter since this day, the selection and interview process will begin running, the incoming applications earlier in the interview will be our immediate priority.

Please send resume with picture and enter no telephone / HP via email to quantumkids.cibubur@gmail.com

Address :
Ruko Citra Grand
Cibubur Bekasi 17433
Tlpn : 021 - 70654373
Lowongan ditutup tanggal : 16 September 2010
Lowongan Kerja Agustus 2010

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