Lowongan Kerja PT.KAI pjka Kereta Api Desember 2010 Terbaru 2011

. 7/14/10 .

Lowongan Kerja PT.KAI pjka Kereta Api Oktober Desember 2010 Terbaru

Info lowongan kerja BUMN, Lowongan kerja di Perusahaan BUMN Kereta Api Desember 2010.
Mencari tenaga ahli yang Profesional, berikut sekilas persyaratannya :

B. Terms of General Application:
Cover letter (handwritten) and signed on stamp Rp.6.000, 2000 (six thousand rupiah) by the participants by attaching:

  1. Copy of Identity Card (ID) is still valid (1 sheet)
  2. Copy of Birth Certificate / Birth Knew (1 sheet)
  3. Copies of the last certificate has been legalized (1 sheet)
  4. Copies of transcripts which has been legalized (1 sheet)
  5. Both the original Certificate of behavior from the Police which is still valid
  6.  Notice willing to be placed throughout the region the company stamped USD. 6000.00 (own handwritten)
  7. Curiculum Vitae, to include work experience up to now, the certificate (skill / vocational), Highest Diploma held when there is
  8. Original Certificate of health from the government doctor
  9. Photocopy Card Job Seeker (ak / a) which has been legalized from the local Manpower
  10. Recent color photograph size 4 x 6 cm, a total of 3 (three) pieces (include your name behind it)

Untuk selengkapnya anda bisa Masuk link Berikut (Website resmi ) klik kereta-api.co.id digunakan untuk registrasi online.

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